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Online Exam Portal Development

Online exam portal development refers to the creation of a platform that enables educational institutions and organizations to conduct exams online. The development of an online exam portal involves building a website or web application that can handle various aspects of the exam process, including registration, scheduling, test-taking, grading, and reporting.The main benefits of online exam portals include increased accessibility, reduced administrative costs, and improved efficiency. Students can take exams from any location with an internet connection, while institutions can save money on paper, printing, and logistics. Online exams are also faster to administer and can be graded automatically, saving instructors time and effort.

The digital disruption is conquering the entire business world at a rapid pace, and enterprises irrespective of their industry are in a compelling situation now to adapt to the online conditions. The academic industry is no exception in it, and the current pandemic situation has left them clueless and provided a space to think the beneficiary of availing the digital transformation. Conducting exams or tests is a tiresome process since it involves various activities like question paper generation to declaring results. Every activity involved in it requires a certain amount of manual effort and direct presence.Being a tech-driven company, we find a huge scope here to convert the traditional examination process to online with complete security and high authentication that gives no room for malpractice. By utilizing our online exam web app and online exam mobile application, now educational institutes can easily conduct any basic level of test to the main exam using an online platform that reduces the overall complexity.

Our Online Exam Portal Development Services

Our result-oriented online examination management solutions are designed to serve various educational industry based needs such as corporates, training institutes, universities, etc. We have made a successful presence in this industry using the best practices and the latest technology in our services.

  • Exam Portal Design and Development
  • Re-develop your existing Exam Portal
  • Exam Portal Management
  • Exam Portal Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Exam iOS & Android Mobile Apps Development
  • On-going Exam Portal Maintenance & Supports
  • Exam Portal Testing
  • Enterprise Solutions

What Are The Benefits Of Conducting Exams Online?


Online exams can be taken from anywhere and at any time, as long as the student has access to a computer and an internet connection. This allows students to take exams at a time that suits them best, without the need to travel to a specific location.


Online exams can be designed to be accessible to students with disabilities. For example, students who are visually impaired can use screen readers, while students with physical disabilities can use adaptive technologies to take the exam.

Reduced Administrative Burden:

Online exams can significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with traditional paper-based exams. The process of distributing, collecting, and grading exam papers can be time-consuming and costly, but online exams can automate many of these tasks.

Reduced Chance of Cheating:

Online exams can be designed to minimize the risk of cheating. Features such as randomized question orders, time limits, and lockdown browsers can help ensure that students take the exam fairly and honestly.

Avail Subjective Exams as well:

Online exams not just restricted to multiple-choice/ true or false? Fill in the blanks questions; they can even expand their wings to subjective question answering, where the attending applicants can write up in the given space online without the involvement of any diagrams or art.

No Exam Centers:

The spending on the exam hall infrastructure, students' commutation time and money gets highly saved. At the same time, the online examination requires only a microphone and a web camera to carry out the remote invigilation or remote proctoring using renowned software.

Cut-down Examination Cost:

Supervisors are still on board, and their contribution will be a constant one by having a change of invigilating virtually or even going a step ahead of the student can take the test in front of the camera where our online proctoring software application comes to the play onboard. It detects and immediately intimates any alteration of student or malfunctioning activities.

Easy Question Paper Generation:

In the present approach the question paper preparation process is highly complex which involves various steps like selecting the questions, sorting them, printing the questions appropriately and finally distributing them securely to all the examination centres. On the other hand, the online exam process does not require these steps, and is completed with only a computer.

Security Assured:

The process of shuffling question order is merely impossible in normal examination format, but, it is a normal approach in an online examination which gives no room for copying.

Results and Ranking:

Declaration of results and ranking made easy and simple in the online exam platform, where the current result and ranking announcing process is highly complicated concerning administrative activities.

Technology We Work On

Cloud Toolset, Open Source, Visualisation Tools, Programming Skills

Online Exam Portal Features

Student Dashboard

Students log in to the portal with their individual accounts. Their dashboard contains information to help them in attaining the examinations. Students can earn sufficient knowledge on specific matter.

Registering and profile

This is one of the most important features of an online exam portal where the registration of the students should be done in the most secure way. An intensified registration and profile set-up will make the work easy.

Examination details

The portal will contain all the specific details that an examination must-have. There will be mock and trial tests for students to attain.

Exam dashboard

Drop-down lists are available for topics, material, and other important things. The feedback system is also here to discover more in that term.

News and events

The administrator can notify the students of important news and events anytime. Students can also get updates regarding the status of their online examinations.


The representation through statistics becomes much easier to understand. The portal will show the details of examinees, examiners, students, tests and user masters, etc.


From exams to transactions, the things can be represented through a generated report on the portal.

Account and web setting

Admin account includes all the details on web settings that are useful for overall operation.

Admin panel

Admin panel allows you to manage the entire thing in an online exam portal. From dynamics to security, there is much more to do with the admin panel.

Why Choose Webs Utility?

At Webs Utility, we believe that digital transformation is there to unlock human potential, and accelerate new and better ways of working.

Repeatable solutioning

Our digital practice has robust, repeatable and customizable templates, frameworks and runbooks — for asset classification, data governance, data quality, cost optimizations etc.

End-to-end digital insights capabilities

From AI vision and cloud strategy to DevOps and managed services, our teams have experience delivering end-to-end digital insight solutions for the custom software needs of industry.


Our team has the latest technical skills and in-depth knowledge of developeing custom softwares according to your business. We develop your work solutions with high quality and optimum standards.

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We have worked with well reputed companies. Our team has good exposure with new and updated technologies which helps us to give you the best solutions for your business.

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