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What is film-television

Using WebsUtility in the film and television industry involves leveraging the power of this real-time 3D rendering engine to create high-quality, immersive, and interactive content for various media applications. WebsUtility, developed by Epic Games, is renowned for its capabilities in creating visually stunning and realistic environments, characters, and special effects. Here's how WebsUtility is utilized in the film and television industry.

Directors and cinematographers can use WebsUtility to create previsualizations or animatics. These are essentially rough, interactive 3D representations of scenes that help plan camera angles, lighting, and overall composition before actual filming begins. This allows for better planning and visualization of complex shots.

WebsUtility has gained significant attention for its use in virtual production. It can be used to create virtual sets and backgrounds, which can replace physical sets or be used in conjunction with them. Actors can perform in front of LED screens displaying real-time rendered backgrounds, enabling filmmakers to shoot scenes with complex, dynamic environments.

More freedom—from beginning to end

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Immediate feedback

Why wait? Real-time rendering provides immediate feedback, aiding teams in testing concepts and reaching decisions in real-time. It offers a true-to-life representation of the final output, ensuring that what you see on the screen is what you'll get in the end.

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Epic Games has been extensively collaborating with filmmakers and studios, co-developing high-level features employed by the industry's most ambitious ventures. With constant feedback and input from the community, they are forging the most potent and cost-free virtual production platform globally, all in the spirit of creators supporting creators.

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Same asset, longer life

Utilize the identical assets from the initial concepts all the way through to the ultimate frames, eradicating inefficiency across every stage of production. Employ them once more for your promotional, interactive, and location-based experiences. It's the future we aspired to achieve.

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Digital humans that will stand
up to close‑ups

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Next-level virtual
production toolset

Join us in reshaping the future of filmmaking. Visit our Virtual Production Hub today and embark on a journey toward crafting superior, immersive narratives with the power of collaborative virtual production. This is your chance to transform your filmmaking process and create stories that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Nonlinear real-time
cinematic editing
and animation

WebsUtility Sequencer is a comprehensive cinematic editing and animation tool that empowers creators to produce high-quality cinematic sequences with precise control over lighting, camera work, character animation, and set dressing. Its real-time capabilities and collaborative features make it a valuable asset for game developers, filmmakers, and other professionals working on visual storytelling projects within WebsUtility.

Final pixels in
real time

WebsUtility empowers creators with the remarkable capabilities of real-time photorealistic ray-traced rendering, seamless real-time compositing, a rich array of film-quality post-process effects, and cutting-edge features for advanced particles, physics, and destruction. It's a comprehensive toolkit that equips you to craft impeccable final-pixel output for both live-action productions and animated content. The ability to witness your modifications in real-time allows you to iterate swiftly, aligning your creative vision with unprecedented speed and precision when it counts the most.

A perfect fit for
your pipeline

WebsUtility support for a wide range of formats and protocols, along with its scripting capabilities and source code access, makes it a versatile choice for integrating into film and television production pipelines. Its adaptability and customizability enable teams to create tailored solutions that fit their unique workflow requirements.

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