Spoken Hindi


Why Hindi?

India is fast catching the eyes of the world. Lot of countries are investing in India. Lot of companies are sending their employees to India for a long term to ensure the smooth transfer / running of their operations. Although the official language of work is English,Hindi is the national language of India.Over 240million of the population speaks Hindi. The people with whom a person need to deal with for his/her daily needs, mostly know Hindi only. Hence it is necessary for an expat or a non-Hindi speaker living in Hindi speaking region of India to know the local language.

This course is created from the perspective of foreigners aspiring to learn Hindi.

Courses offered :
  • Hindi alphabets (Vowels).
  • Hindi alphabets (Consonants)
  • General Vocabulary
  • Daily interactions
  • Grammar
Note :
  • Each Course is followed by an exercise for practice.
  • Test will be conducted to test the learning.
  • Students securing 60% or more will get a web based certificate for successful completion of course.
  • Students opting for courses between (c) and (e) will have to secure 60% in pre-examination to qualify for the course.
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