Directors Desk


Rinku Jain

In 1990s, when I decided to do a language course, Suzuki had just made an entry in to India in the form of joint venture – Maruti Suzuki. Besides, future of Japanese, especially in automobile sector, seemed to be very promising. So I decided to learn it.

By the time I finished my course, American Express (Amex), one of the leading players in BPO industry, hired me and sent to Japan.

That 6 months stay in Japan was very enriching and a life time experience. I experienced Japanese culture very closely and made lifetime friends. I spent 19 years of my stint with Amex, serving Japanese customers, and helping out people dealing with them. I was a BRAND for Japan in my office. But I was not doing work related only to Japanese. I learnt a lot of soft (or transferrable) skills. It increased my productivity and value to a large extent.

So when I decided to leave Amex, I just had one thought in mind – Giving the society back what I had learnt in my career by –

  • Preparing bilingual (atleast) resources
  • Helping professionals with soft skills training
  • Giving cultural exposure of the land,whose language they are learning
Key Principles–
  • Small batch size to provide individual attention.
  • Interactive learning.
  • Build on existing knowledge base.

IICM is truly a place that is focused on filling the gaps and helping a professional to grow.

Namrata Jain

While in class XII, I was looking forward to my college life. But at the same time I wanted to do something different. In early 2000’s, Gurgaon was becoming a hub for MNCs. There was a huge unfulfilled demand for Japanese translators and interpreters. This made me think about my career in Japanese language.

While learning Japanese, I started teaching at a Japanese language institute. Soon I had a job and there were assignments flowing in for translations and interpretations.

But teaching is my passion …..And I never wanted to leave it. So I continued it in affiliation with various institutes.

Doing it for more than 7 years now, I feel that something is missing – there are lot of opportunities that a Japanese language learner is devoid of. So I thought of an institute that takes care of their overall development needs.

And here it is…..IICM – a center that takes care of your career aspirations and professional requirements.