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About IICM

To keep growing in your career, it is important to upgrade yourself constantly. Today the competition faced by a professional is not just with a peer or a junior, but oneself also. There are whole lot of opportunities available in the outside world but you can only avail them only if you have invested in yourself.

This investment could mean –
  • (a) Adding a “transferrable” skill to your profile
  • (b) Improve on existing skills

IICM is a place to meet your various Career needs.

USPs –
  • Language trainers have mother tongue like proficiency.
  • Unique & Consistent language training methods.
  • Experienced professionals from MNCs to deliver on Professional courses.
  • Courses designed and customized by IICM training team to meet the client needs.
Key Principles–
  • Small batch size to provide individual attention.
  • Interactive learning.
  • Build on existing knowledge base.