Custom Web Designing

To provide solutions that add quality and value to our customers business, leveraging advanced technology in the IT industry.

Custom Web Designing

We put all our strength to build the high quality MI website as a custom website is builder sparkline requirement and specification.

Project Business Project Package Static Website

  • 1 Home and 9 inside pages(About us, Vision, Mission, products, Services, contact us, etc)
  • Logo design.
  • 10 POP Server Emails.
  • 1 Year of Technical Support
  • Life Time Code Guarantee.
  • Website As per Google Norms.
  • Basic SEO 3 Months Google Listing
  • Copyright For the Website.
  • Total Cost: INR 30,000 = $450 = AED 1500 = SAR 1600

    1.Design Requirement Specifications or HRS: A set of questions would be sent to you to acquire information related to your preferences, choice of design, etc. to understand your expectations.

    2. Demo Design: On the basis of the supplied material and our analysis of your requirement, a demo page would be designed. This would be sent for your review. If you require some changes to this you can simply email us the same. The modified page with all the changes incorporated would be emailed back for your approval. This process would be repeated until we receive your confirmation for the screens.

    3.Inner Pages: After the design approval, work would be initiated on inner pages and would follow the same process of confirmation and approval.

    4.Website: With all pages confirmation, the website beta version would be sent for your final approval.

    5.Go live: On confirmation of the Application beta-version, the application would go live and would be open for your customers. Any further feedback's / changes would be entertained up to 30 days after your application goes live.